2010 Karavane

Uten navn


The word caravan specifically describes a large group, journeying with pack animals and goods through hard-traveled areas. By naming this year’s festival Caravan, we want to focus on divergence, travel and arrival. Travel between locations, but also between languages and within languages while writing. We have organized work on the program around several focal points:

1. Translation

One of the focal points of Ordkalotten10:Caravan is translation. Translating literature is a way of meeting other cultures, societies and landscapes. One could look at translation as a caravan of words between languages; a caravan that initiates discourse shared across borders both abstract and physical. In an increasingly globalized world, the translation becomes important as a tool to understand the encounters we face.

Mihkail Sjisjikin

Marit Bjerkeng

Rauni Magga Lukkari

Laila Stien

2. Preparation

Before setting out for long journeys, preparation is pivotal. With this in mind, we think of writing as a journey. We want to focus on the writing process, and ask our visiting authors how they prepare new projects, and how they decide what to include and what to leave behind.

Thure Erik Lund

Tomas Espedal

Cathrine Knudsen

Guri Botheim

Sigrid Botheim

3. Divergence and Arrival

Within the focus of”Divergence and Arrival” Ordkalotten10:Caravan wants to look at the journey itself, with attention to both the transfer between locations, and on coming and going. This theme is unavoidable when speaking of Caravan and opens a wealth of possibilities on the subject of travel and transfer in literature. Travel is a way of understanding; travel is learning and experiencing, but it can also be about escape or exile. In the festival program several entrances to travel are explored.

Vendela Vida

Ragnar Hovland

Anne Oterholm

Ingrid Z. Aanestad

Britt Karin Larsen

Alf Nilsen Børsskog

Odd Karsten Tveit

Mads Gilbert

4. Locality (locus)

The Latin word locus means “locality.” In genetics, locus describes the chromosomal position of a gene. In medicine, locus is the point of the body where a pathogen enters. In mathematics, locus is the set of all points that satisfy a given condition.
From a caravan perspective, it is important to note that the locality is the known, the domestic, the exit point, and the unknown, the destination, whether it’s planned or incidental. From an Ordkalotten perspective, it is important to have sections in the program which deal especially with the northern aspects of locality, be it expeditions to the Arctic Ocean or polar heroes on their way into the unknown. The tundra is an important place, so too is the ocean, the water element.

Ursula Andkjær Olsen

Karl Larsson

Erlend O. Nødtvedt

Espen Stueland

Irene Larsen

Liv Lundberg

Eirik Skrede